Seed banks
The Ohio State University/Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
Faculty Area E-mail
Bennett, Mark Vegetable seeds bennett.18@osu.edu
Beuerlein, Jim Soybean seed production beuerlin.1@osu.edu
Cardina, John Seed ecology cardina.2@osu.edu
Danneberger, Karl Turfgrass seeds danneberger.1@osu.edu
Harrison, Kent Weed seed ecology harrison.9@osu.edu
Jang, JC Seed biotechnology jang.40@osu.edu
McDonald, Miller Seed physiology mcdonald.2@osu.edu
Metzger, Jim Plant and seed physiology  metzger.72@osu.edu
Regnier, Emilie Weed seed ecology regnier.1@osu.edu
Struve, Dan Tree seeds struve.1@osu.edu
Sulc, Mark Forage seeds sulc.2@osu.edu
Thomison, Peter Maize seeds thomison.1@osu.edu
VanToai, Tara Seed biotechnology vantoai.1@osu.edu
University of California-Davis/Seed Biotechnology Center
Faculty Area E-mail
Bradford, Kent Seed biotechnology kjbradford@ucdavis.edu
Lincoln University of Missouri
Faculty Area E-mail
Johnson, Hwei-Yiing Seed biotechnology johnsonh@lincolnu.edu
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile/Department of Plant Sciences
Faculty Area E-mail
Contreras, Samuel Seed biology and production scontree@uc.cl
Unghiatti, Rebeca  Seed production raunghia@uc.cl
Escola Superior Agricultura “Luiz de Queiroz”/Department of Crop Science
Faculty Area E-mail
Julio Marcos-Filho Seed physiology jmarcos@esalq.usp.br
Silvio Moure Cicero Seed production smcicero@esalq.usp.br
Ana D. l. Coelho Novembre Seed quality assessment adlcnove@esalq.usp.br
José Octávio M. Menten Seed processing  
Research Assistants    
Helena M. C. Pescarin Chamma    
Maria Heloisa Duarte de Moraes