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The establishment of a five-member Consortium for International Seed Technology Training (CISTT) is a novel approach to global training in seed technology.  Recent advances in distance education led by new developments in computer and interactive technologies have clearly decreased the size of the world allowing CISTT to take advantage of the vast expertise of several institutions that differ culturally and environmentally.  Five of the world's leading academic institutions (The Ohio State University, University of California Davis, Lincoln University, Escola Superior Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz" and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile) with recognized qualification in seed technology training muster together a greater variety of faculty expertise, provide greater breadth of academic training, cover a greater diversity of agricultural crops, utilize differences in technological capability of countries around the world and result in an internationalization of a curriculum consistent with the technological advances occurring in a global seed industry.
The Consortium for International Training in Seed Technology provides leadership in educating students, industry personnel, and agriculturalists in seed science and technology. We will offer global and comprehensive program, utilizing a variety of educational techniques to advance local seed systems around the world.



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